Attraction in Calgary

A beautiful city located on the Bow river Canada is a place that calls for a must visit once in a lifetime. Although the whole country Canada is famous for its natural beauty, the color of its grass and trees the smell of its breeze in Calgary you witness most of its nature. One would find unique plants and animal species here. If you search for a tourist guide online for Canada, you will almost everywhere find Calgary on one of the top cities to visit in Canada. And if you are already planning to visit Calgary, let me mention the places you must not miss.

There are many cultural venues, public parks, public squares, restaurants, shopping Centre’s in Calgary, places you can take your kids to. One of the most famous places in Calgary is the Calgary tower. The view from the Calgary tower is magnificent. It is sited 191 meters above the downtown and you can enjoy the view of the whole city from above.

Looking for a peaceful eye soothing site? Visit the peace bridge. It is just a bridge for those of taste and who wish to enjoy a pleasant site. If you are visiting Calgary with your children, you must enjoy the ice skating in Calgary. The food and service here as well is worth the cost. Next, for shopping and late night fun you can try the fourth street where you will find small beautiful stores, bars, excellent restaurants and a site across the river where you would love to walk with your partner. Lastly, you must not visit the site of tree sculptures on the Stephen Avenue walk where the whimsical sculptures stand beautifully. They are so tall and elegantly sculpted; you would want to capture every next site of it.

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