24h Broken Ignition Key Extraction in Calgary

Clearway Towing Offers Premier Broken Ignition Key Extraction Services

Clearway Towing provides not only all types of towing services to Calgary’s community but also comprehensive roadside assistance services and auto locksmith solutions. We are available 24/7, each and every day of the year. We are fast, extremely professional, service oriented and, to top it all off, offer rates impossible to beat. We value your time and so guarantee a 30 min arrival time and top speed solutions. We aim for nothing less than full customer satisfaction on each and every job we undertake, from solving the simplest car lockout situation to the most complex emergency towing of a vehicle that was involved in a car crash.

For our broken ignition key extraction services in Calgary call (587) 328-0020

With Clearway Towing the Solution is Simpler than You Think

A broken ignition key stuck in the ignition switch may seem to you at first like a major hassle, you may think that your car must be towed to the mechanics in order that the whole switch be replaced, with a considerable expense. You’ll be glad to hear that if you are in Clearway Towing can provide you with a much simpler solution in form of our broken ignition key extraction service.

Our expert techs are well versed in extracting ignition keys which had become stuck in the ignition switch, both ones that are still intact as well as ones which broke while still inserted. If you are in Calgary and have a broken ignition key stuck in your car’s ignition switch all you need to do is give us a call. One of our techs will be at your side within 30 min and then quickly proceed with the broken ignition key extraction, solving the whole situation for you quicker than you would think is possible.

We Follow Through and Provide a Comprehensive Solution

Once a broken ignition key has been extracted you may be left with a car that’s ready to be started and driven off but without a key that you can use to start it. Clearway Towing will not allow this to happen, if you do not have a spare key that you can use we can make you a new key copied off the one that broke.

The new key will be every bit as good as the original, even better sometimes. We can do this with keys to any make or model car, even if it’s a highly advanced transponder type key (AKA “chip key”).

Preventing Re-occurrence

We at Clearway Towing will always go the extra mile for you. With regards to our broken key extraction service this means making sure it does not happen again. There are several reasons why an ignition key may break while still inserted in the ignition switch. It may be that the key itself suffered from metal fatigue or that a faulty ignition switch made it hard to turn the key in it. Maybe the key became stuck and had broke while you were trying to free it.

Whatever caused your ignition key to break, once we had provided you with our top class, competitively priced, broken ignition key extraction service we will get to the root of the problem and take the necessary steps in order to prevent it from happening again.

For our broken ignition key extraction services in Calgary call (587) 328-0020


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