How to Jumpstart a Battery with a Portable Jumper Video

Portable jumpers are gaining popularity, it seems that gone are the days when we had to find a good Samaritan who agrees to help us out in a dead battery situation by allowing us to hook up our car’s flat battery to their vehicle’s battery via jumper cables. Modern Power cell technology allows for making kits which remain charged for many months, even years (so long as they are not used of course) and can be used to jump start your car if you’ve somehow drained the battery.

There are many types of portable jumpers available in stores. We have gathered for you some relevant data which allows for comparing the most popular models.

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Heavier Portable Jumpers
If you do not need an especially light portable jump starter you should consider purchasing one of the heavier models, the ones which offer more power and can be used as battery chargers. Two such popular models are the “Jump-N-Carry” JNC660 and the Schumacher PSJ-2212 DSR ProSeries. Both these portable jumpers weigh around 18 LBs, they sell for similar prices, the JNC660 supplies a max of 1700 Amp and the PSJ-2212 DSR supplies a whopping 2200 Amp

Pocket Size Portable Jumpers
If you’re after low weight, “pocket size” portable jumpers there are models such as the Powerall PBJS12000R, the Brighttech, the PowerGo and Juno Power Car battery Jump Starter you can consider.
Such so called “pocket size” portable jumpers may weigh anywhere between 1 to 2.5 LBs, they supply peak current outputs of 300 Amp to 600 Amp. Most of these portable jumpers can also be used to charge your smartphones, power lap tops and other such useful applications.

As power cell technology advances it is inevitable that new models of portable jumpers will be made available, ones which will weigh less and provide more power and more possible applications. The price of portable jumpers will decline just as it does with all new gadgets. So, if you’re not in a special hurry to equip yourself with a portable jumper we suggest you wait for new exciting models until you come across one that you just cannot resist.

If you do need a portable jumper right away choose one that best fits your needs, remember that there is always a tradeoff between weight and peak possible current output. If you want to be able to use the portable jumper for charging your smartphone or to power your laptop during long drives, make certain the portable jumper you choose can do this for you.

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A Detailed Video Guide on How to Jump a Car Battery with a Portable Jumper

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