Private Property Towing

24hr Private Property Towing Services in Calgary

Clearway Towing prides itself on providing excellent towing and roadside services to Calgary drivers. The independent team of tow truck techs we cooperate with works 24/7 to enable us to be constantly available to assist our customers with any roadside problem that they may encounter.

Included in Clearway Towing’s comprehensive range of roadside assistance services, auto locksmith services and towing services, is Private Property Towing services.

Private property towing services are aimed at helping local Calgary residential or commercial property owners and property management companies. Private property towing, which is also known as a “good tow” or “trespass towing” is exactly what it sounds like; it’s when the tower has a legal right to tow a car because it was parked in private property without the owner’s permission.

Why You Need Our Private Property Towing Services

First of all – what is private property?

Private property can be your local shopping mall, an apartment complex, a strip shopping center, or any place of business with a parking lot belonging to it.

Commercial property owners know that parking is a big consideration for many customers. In fact, these days many people plan their errands around parking, and that’s not really a bad idea, after all you don’t want to go all the way to the shopping mall or center to find you will have to wait around for parking, do you?

A long-time problem for commercial property owners and management companies is that people who are not patrons of their businesses park in their lot and leave their cars there taking up spots that they need for their customers.

Owners of commercial property may have a towing company under contract to help them manage their parking lot with any issues they have in the parking lot, ensuring a more organized lot at all times.

How Clearway Towing Can Help

Clearway Towing is an approved tow truck operator fully licensed to tow in Calgary. We are also fully insured to operate as a private property towing company.

Our drivers are all fully trained and work with the latest equipment guaranteeing that no cars are damaged during the tow. Our storage lot is open around the clock.

How Private Property Towing Works

Clearway Towing works according to the law which states that proper, conspicuous signs must be posted at entrance to the parking lot and around the parking areas so drivers can see them.  The signs must state the parking restrictions – days and times of parking, etc. that are enforced by towing and a phone number the car owner can call 24 hours a day. The tow company must have a legal written contract with the property owner, and have authorization to remove each and every car from the property on a signed form.

Let’s Talk About How We Can Help You

We’ve helped other local property owners keep their parking lots clear of unauthorized vehicles and we’d like to help you too. If you’d like to learn more about our services or if you have any questions please give us a call, we are always happy to help.

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